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Title: The challenge of sustainable ecosystem development in Cachoeira catchment (South Bahia, Brazil)
Authors: Russo Machado, Carlos
Reisdorff, Christoph
Duriavig, Marco
Keywords: Sustainable development
Scenarios of change
Issue Date: 2004
Publisher: Universidade Atlântica
Citation: Machado, C.R.; Reisdorff, C.; Duriavig, M. 2004. The challenge of sustainable ecosystem development in Cachoeira catchment (South Bahia, Brazil). Barcarena: Universidade Atlântica
Abstract: This report aims at presenting the results of the scenario definition in the ECOMAN project for the Brazilian study area of Rio Cachoeira catchment, located in South Bahia. The main aim of this process of scenario definition is to find different potential strategies for sustainable local development of the studied rural areas, which are situated in a tropical rainforest region affected by intensive and growing human pressure. The considered alternatives of land management aim at improving the socio-economic conditions of local communities by upholding the sustainable use and protection of natural resources. However, these alternatives should also be considered under the perspectives of alternative income and the new market trends at regional and global levels. The project ECOMAN focused on the impacts of growing economic activities and the production needs as the main causes of the exploitation of natural resources. The analysis of type and intensity of agricultural exploitation contributed to identify the limits of sustainable production in Cachoeira catchment. Moreover, the alternatives now presented correspond also to strategies to the rehabilitation and recuperation of degraded areas and their transformation to environmentally friendly sustainable production systems to improve the economic situation of the local population.
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