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dc.contributor.authorGuerreiro, R.-
dc.contributor.authorPires, T.-
dc.contributor.authorGuedes, J. M.-
dc.contributor.authorFernandes, P. R.-
dc.contributor.authorCastro, A. P. G.-
dc.identifier.citationGuerreiro, R. et al. (2020). On the Tortuosity of TPMS Sca olds for Tissue Engineering. Symmetry, 12(4), 596pt_PT
dc.description.abstractAbstract: Recently, bone tissue engineering (TE) has seen new developments, with triply periodic minimal surfaces (TPMSs) being used to develop new porosity-controlled sca olds to interface new tissue growth. The process of choosing the best geometry to a specific application still lacks research, so the goal for this work is to propose a new method of sca old selection, based on assessing the tortuosity inside these symmetric TPMS-based structures. Additionally, computer fluid dynamic (CFD) simulations were conducted to validate this method. The comparison between tortuosity and CFD outputs suggests that an analysis of the tortuosity could be used as an early indicator of the sca old’s viability for specific applications, favouring sca olds with more intricate and curvature-dependent streamlines.pt_PT
dc.subjectTissue engineeringpt_PT
dc.subjectTPMS sca oldspt_PT
dc.subjectComputational fluid dynamicspt_PT
dc.subjectHomogenisation methodpt_PT
dc.titleOn the Tortuosity of TPMS Sca olds for Tissue Engineeringpt_PT
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