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Title: Artificial Intelligence and Algorithms in Intelligent Systems
Authors: Silva, Carla
Fonseca, José Manuel
Keywords: Artificial intelligence
Learning algorithms
Decision making and data analytics
Issue Date: May-2018
Citation: Silva, C.; Fonseca; J.M. (2018). Artificial Intelligence and Algorithms in Intelligent Systems. In Silhavy, R. (Eds) Artificial Intelligence and Algorithms in Intelligent Systems, pp. 308-317. Cham : Springer
Abstract: The possibility of creating thinking systems discusses issues that may arise in the near future of AI. However this outlines challenges to ensure that AI operates safely as it approaches humans in its intelligence from Algorithms Intelligent Systems. To understand how progress may proceed we need to understand how existing algorithms are developed and improve, differentiating the concepts between data analytics and data algorithmic decision making. This article reviews the literature on AI and AIS and presents some general guidelines and a brief summary of research progress and open research questions. The first section reviews the basic foundation of Artificial Intelligence to provide a common basis for further discussions and the second section of this paper suggests the development of Algorithm Intelligence Systems models including: learning algorithms such as learning from observations, learning in Neural and Belief Networks and reinforcement learning.
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