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Título: Innovation in information systems and technologies to support learning research
Autores: Silva, Carla
Serrhini, Mohammed
Aljahdali, Sultan
Palavras-chave: Tecnologias de informação
Data: 2019
Citação: Silva, C.; Serrhini, M.; Aljahdali, S. (2019). Innovation in information systems and technologies to support learning research. Switerland : Springer
Resumo: This book provides glimpses into contemporary research in information systems & technology, learning, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and security and how it applies to the real world, but the ideas presented also span the domains of telehealth, computer vision, the role and use of mobile devices, brain–computer interfaces, virtual reality, language and image processing and big data analytics and applications. Great research arises from asking pertinent research questions. This book reveals some of the authors’ “beautiful questions” and how they develop the subsequent “what if” and “how” questions, offering readers food for thought and whetting their appetite for further research by the same authors.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10884/1479
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