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Title: Formation of Anthocyanin Ion-pairs. A Co-Pigmentation Effect
Authors: Figueiredo, Paulo
Pina, Fernando
Issue Date: 1994
Citation: J. CHEM. SOC. PERKIN TRANS. 2, pages 775-778
Abstract: The influence of the addition of ionic salts (NaCI, NaBr, Nal, NaCIO,) on anthocyanin equilibria is studied in this work. The effect of their addition is a colour enhancement through the formation of an ion-pair between the charged flavylium cation and the anion, which displaces the equilibria towards the coloured flavylium form. The ion-pair formation is an alternative model to that which suggests a preferable hydration of salt anions instead of the flavylium cation. Throughout this work two natural anthocyanins are studied (malvidin 3,5-diglucoside and malvidin 3-glucoside) as well as one anthocyanidin (malvidin). The thermal and photochemical stability of the ion-pairs formed is also examined. Experiments with a synthetic anthocyanin anaIogue (4',7-dihydroxyf lavyIiu m c hloride) w hich has photochromic properties are also described for comparison purposes
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