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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2009Evaluation of cucurbitane-type triterpenoids from Momordica balsamina on P-glycoprotein (ABCB1) by flow cytometry and real-time fluorometry.Spengler, Gabriela; Ramalhete, Cátia; Martins, Marta; Martins, Ana; Serly, J.; Viveiros, Miguel; Molnar, Joseph; Duarte, Noélia; Mulhovo, Silva; Ferreira, Maria José; Amaral, Leonard
Nov-2009Multidrug resistance modulation and apoptosis induction of cancer cells by terpenic compounds isolated from Euphorbia species.Duarte, Noélia; Ramalhete, Cátia; Varga, A.; Molnar, Joseph; Ferreira, Maria José
Nov-2009Cucurbitane-type triterpenoids from the African plant Momordica balsamina.Ramalhete, Cátia; Mansoor, T. A.; Mulhovo, Silva; Molnar, Joseph; Ferreira, Maria José
Oct-2009New potent P-glycoprotein modulators with the cucurbitane scaffold and their synergistic interaction with doxorubicin on resistant cancer cells.Ramalhete, Cátia; Molnar, Joseph; Mulhovo, Silva; Rosário, Virgilio Estólio; Ferreira, Maria José
Jun-2009Tabernines A-C, beta-carbolines from the leaves of Tabernaemontana elegans.Mansoor, T.A.; Ramalhete, Cátia; Mulhovo, Silva; Molnar, Joseph; Ferreira, Maria José
2007Synergistic effects between macrocyclic diterpenes and doxorubicin on resistant cancer cellsDuarte, N; Járdánházy, A; Ramalhete, Cátia; Molnar, J; Ferreira, MJU
2006Screening for antimicrobial activity of plants used in traditional medicineRamalhete, Cátia; Duarte, A; Mulhovo, S; Ferreira, MJU
2009Inhibition of P-glycoprotein activity by cucurbitane-type triterpenes and their interaction with doxorubicin on resistant cancer cellsRamalhete, Cátia; Duarte, N; Capucha, V; Molnár, J; Mulhovo, S; Rosário, V; Ferreira, MJU
2007Search for antimalarial compounds from Pycnanthus angolensisRamalhete, Cátia; Abrantes, M; Mil-Homens, T; Duarte, N; Lopes, D; Cravo, P; Madureira, MC; Ascenso, J; Ferreira, MJU
2009Novel beta-carboline indole alkaloids from the leaves of Tabernaemontana elegansMansoor, TA; Ramalhete, Cátia; Molnar, J; Mulhovo, S; Ferreira, MJU