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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Gestão Sustentável de Ecossistemas: Interacções dos sistemas sociais e ecológicos no sul da BahiaRusso Machado, Carlos; Rodrigues, Luís; Lourenço, Nelson
2004Multi-sectoral, integrated and operational decision support system for sustainable use of water resources at the catchment scale (MULINO)Rodrigues, Luís; Russo Machado, Carlos
2004Decision support system for sustainable ecosystem management in atlantic rain forest rural areasRusso Machado, Carlos; Jacinto, José João
2002Measuring, monitoring and managing sustainability in Indian coastal areas: the socioeconomic dimensionJorge, Rosário; Lourenço, Nelson; Russo Machado, Carlos; Rodrigues, Luís
2006Social networks and management of water resources for agriculture in Rio Caia catchment (Portugal)Rodrigues, Luís; Russo Machado, Carlos; Lourenço, Nelson
2002Sustainable Tourism Development and Local Participation: Towards a Good GovernanceJorge, Rosário; Lourenço, Nelson; Russo Machado, Carlos; Rodrigues, Luís
2002Sustainability: Importance of social networks in the decision-making processesRusso Machado, Carlos; Lourenço, Nelson; Jorge, Rosário; Rodrigues, Luís
2002Sustainable development and environmental changes: how to face ecosystem management?Russo Machado, Carlos; Lourenço, Nelson; Harum, Till; Lieberei, Reinhard; Pérez Gonzaléz, Alfredo; Feoli, Enrico; Jorge, Rosário
2005Water Resources and Sustainable Development: Factors and Constraints for Improving Human Well-being in Water-stressed RegionsLourenço, Nelson; Russo Machado, Carlos
2002A integração do SIG num sistema de apoio à decisão. Uma proposta metodológica de apoio ao estudo empírico para a gestão dos recursos hídricosRodrigues, Luís; Lourenço, Nelson; Jorge, Rosário; Russo Machado, Carlos