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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Social networks and water management decision-making: a methodological approach to local case studiesLourenço, Nelson; Rodrigues, Luís; Russo Machado, Carlos
2004Typology of the main socio-economic pressures, factors and agents of change in Cachoeira catchment and Central Costa RicaLourenço, Nelson; Russo Machado, Carlos; Jacinto, José João
2003Tropical Rainforests Bibliographic ReviewLourenço, Nelson; Russo Machado, Carlos
2009Tourism, environment and sustainable development. Local strategies for improving rural livelihoods in Bahia (Brazil) and Goa (India)Lourenço, Nelson; Russo Machado, Carlos; Jorge, Rosário
2008. Mudança Global e Desenvolvimento. Economia, ambiente e conflitosLourenço, Nelson; Russo Machado, Carlos
2000Monitoring Changes in Coastal Areas. From the socio-economic to an integrated approachLourenço, Nelson; Russo Machado, Carlos; Jorge, Rosário; Rodrigues, Luís
2006Understanding the Pattern of Atlantic Forest Fragmentation: Preliminary Results of Exploratory Data Analysis for an Area of the South East of Bahia, BrazilDuriavig, Marco; Feoli, Enrico; Russo Machado, Carlos; Lourenço, Nelson
2005Land use change: Methodological approach to understand the interactions Nature/Society in coastal areasLourenço, Nelson; Russo Machado, Carlos; Jorge, Rosário; Rodrigues, Luís
2006Social networks and management of water resources for agriculture in Rio Caia catchment (Portugal)Rodrigues, Luís; Russo Machado, Carlos; Lourenço, Nelson
1999Environment and Social Sciences: land-use dynamics studiesLourenço, Nelson; Jorge, Rosário; Russo Machado, Carlos; Rodrigues, Luís